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Project Manager - Teradata
Las Vegas, NV
Long Term Contract

• PM with a very technical background in Teradata.
• They must have strong apps knowledge and could have been a super-user that went down the B/A to PM route.
• The key skills, beyond Teradata, will be their ability to dig answers out of the business users to capture their needs.

The manager has found out that gaps are being left in the requirements gathering phase which is creating friction in the end once the product is released to the users. What's happening is 1. either the person asking the questions isn't technical enough and doesn't understand all the functionality that Teradata has to offer, therefore doesn't ask the right / in-depth questions then stuff is missing in the end. Or, 2. the person just isn't sophisticated enough from a "consulting" approach to communicate w/ these executives effectively. They cannot request meetings w/ the same user as they remember to ask more questions. The requirements go to the dev team who are very black and white and simply develop what's on the list, period. The user starts using the application then says, hey why can't I do this? Because you didn't tell me you wanted to do it that way. Well you didn't ask me. etc.
This role requires flexible hours and at times more than 40 in a week.

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