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Looking for recommendation to learn more about Agile/Scrum

Hi there,
I'm trained in the Waterfall methodology but am eager to learn more about Agile. Can anyone recommend a good book, website, etc. to learn more (or perhaps someone who has training in both Waterfall & Agile could explain the main differences). I'd also love to hear of experiences and preferences re: Waterfall vs. Agile.

I'm currently working in Professional Services where we implement and customize software solutions for clients. The projects are much smaller than I am used to and the Waterfall method seems a bit cumbersome. I'm adapting it, but thought Agile might be worth considering.


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I did SCRUM Master certification through this organization - and thought they were very good. This site also has alot of interesting resources, reference materials, etc.

I think the biggest challenge around agile implementation is that "agile" has become more of a buzz word than a process discipline. In my SCRUM certification class over half of the participants were from companies that thought they were doing "agile" development, but weren't happy with the results. And what they learned was that none of them were implementing the process correctly!

Good Luck!
Hi. I recently learned about Waterfall, RUP, and Agile in proprietary information that I can't share because I promised a consulting company that I would not, but I did learn smoething myself by looking at web sites.

I worked for 18 years in a Big 4 internal software development group. When I examine the methodologies, I find that one of the most important things that we found to be true is left out of the beginning phases of software development. That is, getting QA and support involved right away. We found that they have valuable insights about the flow of information and of screens in software.

It seems I've seen too many businesses ignore the value of their qa and support departments. In my former firm, we were just the opposite. We valued the input from those groups. Were were able to develop software with more quality and more value because we used these groups to advise us.

One methodology I have seen that seems to get little play is the V shaped methodology where quality seems to be built in right from the begin ning. It makes the most sense to me.

I also believe that no matter what methodology you follow, you must have superior communication skills to run a good project.

I am looking for a position now, and I find that some firms that I interview at are now disciplined about building in quality. I rreally don't want to work at places like that as you know their chances of success are less that firms that follow a disciplined approach, no matter what the methodology.

I hope this helps.

Henry Motyka
Hi Henry,
Thanks for your response and I agree wholeheartedly. After learning from mistakes at my former company, we began to involve QA at the same time that Dev got involved in helping us to refine the requirements. We also learned that Doc, PS, and Training benefited from being a voluntary part of those initial discussions.

All the best,
Hi Lou,

I am an Agile Coach at Rally Software. I would second Jeanne's advice to look at ScrumMaster certification through Rally. We have top notch Certified Scrum Trainers. will provide a list of training opportunities. Is the link to our Professional Services group.

I am also on the board of Agile Project Leadership Network The APLN Purpose, Vision and Mission: Connecting, developing, and supporting great project leaders. is a list of the local chapters.

In addition the Agile Alliance has chapters, as well as the Scrum Alliance

I would also recommend the book "The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility" by Michele Sliger & Stacia Broderick ISBN-10: 0321502752 They have done an excellent job mapping the PMBOK to Agile Practices

Julie Chickering
Agile Coach
Rally Software
Hey Lou,
The resources Julie and others recommended are great.If you are interested in implementing Agile or Scrum in your organization, what I suggest it to attend one of the training and work with someone who has implemented to do an initial assessment.

Bachan Anand
Tel +1-949-232-8900


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