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Big Data and Hadoop have been considered as synonyms for a long. However, there’s a thin line between Big Data and Hadoop which explains all. Big Data is a problem and Hadoop provided a solution to it. Big Data is a collection of humongous collection of data. It cannot be processed by traditional methods because most of the generated data is in unstructured form. Here, Hadoop emerged as a solution to this problem.


Who is a Hadoop Developer?


A Hadoop Developer jobs is similar to that of a software developer but in the big data stream.  Hadoop Developer is expected to write code or build applications of Hadoop. He/she must be aware of how the components fit together and decide on which is the best Hadoop component for a specific task. Let us look at some responsibilities a Hadoop Developer must possess to gain a basic understanding of what exactly this job is all about.


Job Responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer:

  • A Hadoop Developer has many responsibilities depends on the domain or sector. Following are some of the tasks a Hadoop Developer is responsible for:
  • A Hadoop developer might take an ownership of data as the more one is with familiar the data, the more meaningful insights are.
  • Install, configure, and maintain enterprise hadoop environment.
  • Create MapReduce coding that works seamlessly on Hadoop clusters
  • Perform analysis of huge data stores and uncover insights
  • Maintaining security and data privacy
  • Translate complex functional and technical requirements into detailed design.
  • Test prototypes and oversee handover to operational teams.
  • Implement best practices or standards.


Hadoop Developer Skills:


As you are aware of the job responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer, it’s time to hone the essential skills to become one.

  • Basic knowledge of backend programming languages like Java and OOP.
  • Writing reliable and maintainable code
  • Good knowledge of concurrency and multi-threading concepts.
  • Data processing for generating the patterns.
  • Obvious knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem and its components. Pig, Hive, Flume, etcetera.
  • Analytical skills applied to Big Data Domain
  • Data cleansing for verification and validation


It is not mandatory that every Hadoop Developer must be involved in all the aforementioned points. They are just commonly performed tasks, however, the job role differs from organization to organization considering the domains, plans, and size of the team.

Career Opportunities for a Hadoop Developer:

There are several job titles and opportunities available for Hadoop Developers such as Hadoop Engineer, Architect, Lead Developer, and Big Data Developer. You are absolutely wrong if only IT companies offer the Hadoop jobs. Besides the tech companies, there are several sectors that require Hadoop Developers such as  travel, retail, healthcare, advertising, telecommunications, government etc.,


Hadoop Developer Salaries:

It actually depends on the company you are working such as a startup or mid-level company or a large firm. It also depends on the experience one has in the industry as it reflects the knowledge he possesses. Salaries of Hadoop developers are fatter than many other positions in the industry but varies upon factors like city chosen, certification, etc., An entry-level Hadoop developer with certification can draw 5.9 LPA


Hadoop Developer Job Opportunities:


There has never been a better time to excel in something. Hadoop is a rewarding and lucrative career with a plethora of growth opportunities. However, it is not a piece of cake. Becoming a Hadoop Developer takes effort, time, and a small investment but the treasure you discover at the end is quite rewarding though. If the above-mentioned points interest you, it’s time to brace yourself to up-skill with Hadoop and grab an opportunity to become a Hadoop Developer. Get started with specially curated Big Data and Hadoop course by EduPristine.

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