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The Big 4 consulting & accounting firms are hiring huge number of accounting graduates for their Indian as well as off shore functions in varied fields. But getting into Big 4 accounting firms is not an easy task. Now let’s discuss about these firms as well as how one can get in there.


Commerce graduates should look at building following skill sets to explore growth in their career path:

  • Need practical understanding of accounting concepts and its application
  • Working knowledge in dealing with direct and indirect matters
  • Need to know how to use accounting software tools such as Tally, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Understanding of the legal framework in which businesses operate
  • Improved communication and soft skills


Commerce graduates after upgrading abovementioned skill sets can assure themselves to secure a competitive role within an accounting team. They can also pursue roles in other departments as their accounting background will help them grow in the organization.

What Does a Commerce Graduate need?

If you agree to the above, you will also agree that graduates need some polishing to find a job of their choice.


  • They need practical insights of working in an organization and understand the need of employers in the industry.
  • They need to know about the types of business processes involved in an organization and
  • They need to build confidence within themselves to take up challenging roles within an organization, these roles could be accounting or non-accounting.
  • They should be aware of job options available to him based on his/her interest.


To know how to get into Big 4s after your commerce degree, then read here:

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