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I would love to hear everyone's ideas on how to improve the PPMNG site. If you have an idea on how to make the site easier to navigate or features you would like to see, please let us know.


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I would like to see the Jobs posted seperately from the Forum. Also another section for "lighter side of Project management"


Also, a simple navigation "next topic" and "prev topic" is most useful. I have noticed that ning does not provide it. but it could be worthwhile the team can get the navigation working.

I would like to see the job postings in chronological order so that the newest jobs are listed first. At the very least make it so that you can sort them.


This is actually a marketing suggestion, but more traffic and members makes for a fuller and richer web site. Add a tools section to your web site. Give some thought to the details about how it should be structured to prevent spam and abuse and then let vendors do the heavy lifting of completing their profile. Look at Incose for an example of an organization that followed this strategy really well.

The value of this idea, beyond serving as a resource to your members, is that a well done tools resource will quickly move up the search engine rankings. Before long, every project manager who searches for project management software (which is almost everyone at some point in time) will come across your site.

I just found your web site and think it's a great resource and would love to see it get even more traffic. I work for a tool vendor and I would certainly participate and I'm sure others would too.
It would be good if could be made to point to this site. I think maybe some people who don't routinely prefix with www. has problems finding the site.
The jobs function needs better search functionality. Allow search by location, keyword, etc. Also, if there was an option to sort by descending date order, that would be appreciated.

And I appreciate your providing this feature!
Bimonthly email blast using the members list from Linkedin (I'm aware that the email blast already goes out, but I'm not sure if it is using the email list from this site or linkedin). The reason is that linkedin site has 40k members and there are only 10k register here.

Also, in the profiles, how about a section to display ones email address?

how about a contest for a gift (ipod nano)? Open the contest for a set period of time. the contest would be to tweet and/or blog about 1 entry for a tweet and 1 entry for a blog. the person would need to put a link to their blog post or tweet in the comments of the contest write-up. Here is an example:
A feature to flag/report (potential) spam and ability to ignore those posters in the future.
Although this is a social network, I expect project management related topics being discussed - not online money making schemes/scams.


I'd like to note my own agreement with the two previous posters who suggested sorting Job Opportunities in date order (newest ads first).
Jobs seperate from the foum would be a big improvement
Seriously - you have to go through pages of crap to find any decent content in the forum - and the forum is the sites biggest value - its too hard - why are they there and not in the jobs section.

The reality is that most of us are not looking for work, know our market value - and anyone who is looking for work would go to jobs first anyway.

You have done very well to get 11000 members - but your stats show me a dismal return visit rate - and that is why.

If you look at a forum like LEAN.ORG you see a smaller foum, catagorised, and every post if viewed and authorised, so no spam.

let me know

alan dot crean at processmaster dot com
You seem to be some kind of responsible for this site. Would you please comment on the issue Kadence Price.
Quite a few seem to be tricked by this person (or phishing programme).
If not I'm out of here ASAP.
Regards Stefan


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