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I'm curious what the favorite proj management software programs are with this group. Is
anybody using Microsoft Office Project 2003 or 2007?

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I use Office Projects 2010, but between the two I will recommend 2007. SmarDraw is also one of my favourite software programs I use in conjunction with Mind manager; I use both on my projects. If I was you I will try and lay my hands on ether Office Projects 2010, SmartDraw or LiquidPlanner they are both exciting software programs and affordable way to get on top of your business and project-management tools. Regards, Andreas Botha
I personnaly use Microsoft Project 2007. I am actually running a survey ( on the subject: so far, 70% of respondents answered "Microsoft Project 2007".
As mentioned earlier, MS-Project is a great planning tool, but not very useful for execution and tracking.

I have been running several projects with very tight budget and timelines. During this time I combined PERT estimation and Earned Value Management to always have an up-to-date Estimation at Completion Budget.

As I also do Web-Development with Ruby on Rails and I could not find any tools combining PERT and EVM - so I decided to combine all of it and developed: TRACKER.

TRACKER is a Web-Application and using a similar approach as Liquid Planner by combining PERT estimations with EVM: TRACKER. It can be used in conjunction/addition to MS-Project.

I have no financial interest, but I would like to discuss my approach. So if there is anybody out with ideas or wants to share his opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact me or to try it out at:
My Favorite Project Management Software is ValleySpeak Project Server because i am using it for FREE..Hope It will Help others as well...

If you're managing a software project, I'd encourage you to try and let me know what you think. It was designed to manage custom development projects.

Best regards,

Jason M. Hanley, B.Math, MBA, PMP

No, I haven't used Microsoft Office Project but to manage the project in my company I prefer to use CRM for managing my projects and getting a huge return from it.

Product management software is one of the most important part of any team interaction. There are large number of apps based on Agile methodology, but the most powerful I have ever tried is Atlaz It contains Sprint, Backlog, Kanban boards and even Roadmap tool. Today it's ready for open beta, so everyone can test Atlaz for free. 

I use a tool developed by our team Eylean Board. It is an Agile solution and great for visual project management through a task board. 


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