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I'm curious what the favorite proj management software programs are with this group. Is
anybody using Microsoft Office Project 2003 or 2007?

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Although I am well-versed in Project, I am a Mac user and I utilize Fast Track Schedule 9. It will read Project files; I just find it easier to work with.
Fast Track schedule 10 is available for Windows...I am going to try it out as I find some constraints with MS Project that prevents me using it except when I really, really have to!

Thanks for the tip on this software
I have used MS Project which is of course the favourite for people. I would like to hear if someone has used any tool, which does resource balancing more easily.

Besides Ning, where do project managers gather to exchange project management information? I haven't found Ning to be particularly engaging and i'm wondering if there are other venues out there that are more commonly used by project managers?

-Keri, PMP(R)
We use our tool SantexQ in-house. It's a web based tool so it works for Macs and PCs. It's a great tool for easy task and time management!
My experience is with Computer Associates (CA) Clarity. You can use either MS Project or Open Workbench as the scheduling too. It has a number of modules: project mgmt, portfolio mgt, demand mgt, resource mgt, finance mgt and more. Really a powerful tool.
I'm hoping I can soon be using Yap. =) But of course (since I'm working there) I'm already a heavy user of Projectplace.
We use Primavera's products.
I believe there is a subtle difference between project management and project planning. In my opinion MS Project falls in the later category. It's great for building plans but won't proactively help me manage my project. MS Project won't identify risks to project quality once the project starts. It won't tell me which requirements have been built and tested, which defects are blockers and alert me of issues and risks.

Does anyone else make this sort of distinction between project planning and project management?
You're making a good point. I make the distinction between project execution and planning and see both as part of project management.

Our (Projectplace's) solution is so far highly focused on project execution. But we'll be adding light-weight planning support (yeah, Yap) this autumn if things go well enough. Of course the user interface as such could prove to work also for tracking the project.

So, your distinction is important to us. We seem to not be able avoid creating the expectation that we support project planning whit our project management solution. With Yap we'll hopefully be able to control that expectation some and make it "we support light-weight planning".
Peter, we came to the very same conclusion. Our project management software, Lighthouse, was initially built to provide project managers with a single, affordable, web-based tool to manage change requests, requirements management, test management, defect management, and issue management. The goal was and is to provide a single repository of project data so project managers could have real-time visibility through the entire life cycle without having to wrestle with a bird’s nest of Word, Excel, emails, and point solutions.

However, we quickly learned that we had to integrate with MS project and ultimately ended up also recreating much of MS Project’s functionality, such as gantt charts, resource management, resource leveling, etc. within Lighthouse.

I just looked at the Yap demo on your web site. I like the UI, best of luck.

Derek ,

I have the same experience. MS Project is not an integrated project management tool and does not address key project issues like project scope and project risk even on a reactive basis. MS used to claim integration to sharepoint portal as a means of managing that. But I have never seen anyone using that, integrated with task list on the mpp schedule.

I have found that certain mind mapping tools allow you to do that on a collective basis and have also started adding task scheduling features at one of the core functionality.

Are u aware of tools that facilitates integrative project management ?


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