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What are the best training programs for Project Managers?

Outside of PMI, what training programs do you most enjoy and/or benefit from?

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I personally use the for free Webinars which will also give you PDUs for PMP recertification.

You might also want to try "PDUs for Pennies" at the following website for relatively inexpensive seminars:
ESI International is one I've used for my PMP and highly recommend as my first choice, especially if you get Carl Pritchard as your coach/instructor/facilitator ( It is concise, streamlined and focused plus I took the course online - they also boast of a high pass percentage rate in the high ninety's! Another good one is Rita Mulcalhy's RMC Project Management course - a company I worked for in the past used her and her material and had pretty good results to show for it (
I have the utmost respect for Harold Kerzner and his books but the IIL PMP Prep PMIQ although very informative is rather subjective and encompassing. It is a must if you want to really know what Project Management is all about from a PMI perspective, but subsequently not as effective at passing the PMI PMP test. No disrespect meant to the post by John McNally.
That's my two cents...please don't read too much into it.
I have taken a few programs under IIL. I find their presentations quite useful.
I am a beginner for PM. I have taken some courses with PM from Boston University. Any suggestions on where else to start? I am planning to take my PMP within the next 2 years. Please advice.

I completed the MS in Project Management program with Boston University and found it very beneficial. I tested for my PMP certification after completing the four core PM courses in the program and felt they did an adequate job preparing me for the exam. I also took a PMP prep course recommended by my local PMI chapter. I found Tony Johnson's PMP Exam Success Series book ( to be very helpful also. I would definitely recommend checking with your local PMI chapter to see what local training they recommend.

Best of luck,

Mike Crook, PMP
Velociteach is known primarily for its 3-Day PMP Certification Training class, but they also have several live and e-learning classes for ongoing PDUs. Andy Crowe's book, The PMP Exam, How to Pass on Your First Try, is also a great resource for mastering the exam.
One area of training inside or outside of PMI best practices that is typically overlooked, yet is typicaly the most needed, is training that focuses on the soft skills of project management. Training that gives project managers the necessary people and management skills for communicating with executives, stakeholders and team resources are extremely beneficial.
This is more for the IT/Software PM's probably:

I haven't actually participated in any of their training sessions yet, but I really would like to. Steve McConnell is the cheif engineer, and I just finished reading his book on estimate building ('Software Estimates, Demystifying the Black Art'). I've really enjoyed everything I've read from them so far and would love to go out to Washington to take some of their classes.
I have to say that I am very impressed with the Masters Certificate program at The University of Wisconisn - School of Business - Executive eduction. The certificate series is six 3-4 day classes covering the major range of project management topics, with the last class being a "capstone" where you review the entire course and tie it all together. I am now starting their Advanced Masters Certificate series this year - I cannot recommend this program enough. I've been doing PM work since 1988, and this program rocks.
One excelent training program for Project Managers is the CADENCE methodology (, this is very simple and practical. This company is a authorized REP from PMI.ORG, so you can win PDU's when assist to their training programs.

Should we distinguish 'training' from 'education'?  I see most training programs offered focused on passing the PMP and PMI's project management process.  Being trained on the PMI process is worthwhile, but this alone will not prepare you to manage large and complicated projects.  PMI even says their process is not a methodology.

I am currently enrolled in the George Washington MSPM program, and the knowledge I am gaining from this education, is far more comprehensive than 'training' focused on the PMBOK.

A PM's focus should not be on passing the PMP, but learning how to manage projects.  I know many PMPs who need much more education before ever leading a project.


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