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We are looking to immediately hire >10 senior project managers in Manhattan. These positions are open due to the financial crisis in our markets.

We are looking for financial services experience, and PMP certification is preferred. The positions are open asap!

Please reply if interested! Thanks!

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Miles, as much as I love NYC there are a number of obstacles to this viz. I am Canadian (current TN1 Visa though), no financial experience, and I am away Oct. 2 through 19. I am however, an experienced and good PM with a varied background. Anyway please review my resume and my profile at

FYI if this is infeasible I am looking for an exciting PM contract.
Write me about this.
Warren Leister
Hi Miles,

I would be interested in hearing more about the opportunities. You can view my profile at

Miles, I have the qualifications you listed for the 10 Senior Project Manager positions in Manhattan. Let me know, I am in Linkedin.

I would be interested in position in NYC. Can I get more information ?
I am intersted in a Project Management positon in the USA

I am interested in the Project Manager positions in NYC.

I am on LinkedIn.
Hi Miles,

Just noticed your post here. Let's talk!

LinkedIn: Profile
Blog: Making Project Management Better

Best to you,

I am interested in the opportunity and would like more information. I currently reside in New Jersey.

My profile can be found at:
Hi Miles,
Long time no see or hear. Please find attached my resume
Hi. I would appreciate if you can provide more details concerning the Financial Services experience. Is this banking, insurance, investment banking etc. Is this a Project Manager focused on business or technology requirements?



P.S. My domain expertise is Financial Services and Technology


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