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I know that certifications from PMI are without a doubt the most common types of certifications for project managers in America, and perhaps in other english speaking countries as well. My question is how often you see certificats from IPMA?

Certificats from IPMA differ a bit from the ones from PMI, as far as I understand it. Your competence as a project or programme manager are evaluated in three areas; wich are experience, method and behaviour. And it's the last area that differ from the PMI types of certifications.

Looking forward to your input.

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I'm in the process of making IPMA Level C certification.
In my opinion, the concept of project is also different as IPMA considers that a project is also a social system and social environemnt need to be considered/analysed. As far as I know, this is not the way PMP define a project.

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I'm ending a Master in Project Management, and I'm thinking about certification.... We have learned concepts about PMI and IPMA, and I think I like IPMA the most. The first thing is that in IPMA the behaviour is important, also the relation between job and family and spare time is also important, and it seems not to be mainly a business where one has to pay for everything.

I've taken a loot to ICB 3.0 but there is one thing I dont understand........ there are only about 150 pages of information but in PMBOK there are a lot more, also in ICB all the info seems to be so abstract, so general.....

Also , browsing the web there is a little information about IPMA and a lot of PMI.

Can anyone convince me more on taking the IPMA certification ?

Thanks a lot.


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