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May 16
Agile Space posted an event

Leading SAFe 4.0 with SA certification by Scaled Agile at Symphony Solutions

June 16, 2017 at 8am to June 17, 2017 at 10pm
Why should I attend?to deep understanding of Agile-Lean fundamentals and get familiar with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)to learn building an Agile Portfolio and the way of leading and executing Agile Release Trainsto learn how to drive and guide Agile transformation at enterprise scale and how to support Agile teams, programs, and program portfolio managementat the end of the class, all participants will be able to pass the test which will designate them as certified SAFe 4.0 Agilist (SA) by Scaled AgileWhat should I know?language - Englishattending the training doesn't make you a SAFe 4.0 Agilist (SA) by Scaled Agile by itself. You will get a certificate only after passing the test and accepting the license agreementplaces are limited. Registration is open till May 13Who might be interested?Executives, managers, consultants, change agents, who are involved in Agile transformation processes in scaled enterprises.SIGN UP …See More
May 16
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May 16
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May 15
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May 15
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May 15
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May 15
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May 13
Bethany Pembrook posted a blog post

How to be a Successful Construction Project Manager

How to become a Successful Construction Project Manager Project management isn’t for everyone, particularly project management in the construction industry. At first glance, you may be fooled into believing construction project management takes the same skillset as any other PM career. However, while it does follow the traditional five phases of project management:initiation,planning,performance,execution,monitoring but that’s where the similarities end. Construction project management moves on from a typical PM role by demanding and incorporating extensive knowledge of the construction industry, a unique and complicated field. A construction PM will need to ensure each responsibility is met and every architect, contractor, and supplier remains on schedule and budget, from the ventilation systems to the door handles - you will have to cover an unbelievably huge work load. Effective construction PMs…See More
May 12
Shyamsunder Panchavati posted a blog post

“Espirit De Corps” The strategic Driver in Project Management

How the idea evolved into a concept??I was invited by the Project Management Institute (Pearl City chapter) to be the guest speaker for one of their events on 30 May 2014 held at CMC Hyderabad.The self-imposed challenge before me was to be innovative and deliver something new to the young project managers and if possible engage them in expanding the idea into workable adjuvant and driver in project management. Changing the bottle or the wine was never an option, besides I thought that the intelligent and creative audience of project managers associated with all the major IT entities like Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, and others needed something more original than that.I took one week off from my day job to work on this mission of creating and developing on a new concept that would evolve into a strategic driver in Project…See More
May 12
free task management tool posted a blog post

Use of a Task Management Software for Managing Workplace Conflicts

The perfect example of a workplace where everyone works in total harmony and where there is no workplace conflict among the employees now only happen in fairytales. Working in a team environment these days is messy as various scenarios arise daily which can make any simple task really difficult to complete as per all the stakeholders’ requirements. So gone are the days when you can complete a task without any external or internal hindrances in the work.I hope you will relate to the above scenario no matter in which capacity you work or the type of business of your company. This is a truth with which companies have to deal now. Workplace conflicts are a reality and companies deal with it seriously so that to make sure their daily operations, monthly/quarterly targets and eventually future goals are met. One way to deal with this problem is through a task management software like TaskQue. Let’s discuss this aspect now.Sorting out Differences between…See More
May 12
Suhaan Kkhanna posted a blog post

Free Online Training Calendar for Veterans and Their Families

Veterans! We thank you for supporting our “Give Back to Society” initiative. Our March Lean Six Sigma and April PMP free online classroom received a huge response and excellent feedback on We are excited to extend our support and respect for our Heroes.Here we are announcing our next LSSGB and PMP for May’ 17 and June’ 17. Based on your request and our follower’s recommendation MSys has decided to add PMI-ACP and ITIL Foundation to the list of free classes for Veterans. Please find the schedule below:We realized the importance of Heroes behind our Heroes. Whose sacrifices, courage, glory and emotions go unnoticed every time. MSys would like to give Veteran families to be part of our initiative and attend our online classes for free. How do you enroll? Drop us an email at …See More
May 12
Manchun Kumar posted a blog post

Benefits of Attaining PMP Certification

A Project management professional certification opens countless doors for a project manager, on the occupational front. It increases your market influence, boosts your project management skills, shows your capability to handle inspiring projects, helps you to work on critical projects, and grows your salary by an enormous margin. PMP which is abbreviation of Project Management Professional (PMP) is a universally familiar designation offered by the Project Management institution (PMI). Project Management is normally referred to the process including the subsequent steps: instigation, preparation, implementing, monitoring, and finishing. With that being supposed, let’s emphasis on the benefits of having this certification and ways to get advantage from it:Raised focusYour career spins around your accomplishment and this certification enhances to the entire journey. Receiving this certification displays that you are honest about your work and are proficient in your methods. The…See More
May 12
Karen Munro posted a blog post

Tips to de-stress your day

Do you feel stressed each and every day that you are at work managing your project?  Here is the first in a series of STRESS TIPS to help you be less stressed at work.Do you notice that you are always thinking about the things that you have to manage in the future?  You are thinking about the meetings, the issues, the risks, the PCB report, the unanswered emails you have, constantly.The way to be less stressed and more productive is to focus on the next thing to do.And, in focusing on the next thing to do, be fully present and focused on completing only that thing.Here's an example of what I mean.  You have a meeting to attend.  So, take your agenda and materials for the meeting and focus whilst you take yourself to the meeting on taking yourself to the meeting.  Then when you arrive at the meeting, be fully present there in the meeting.  Don't let your mind wander to other things.  Be there, fully present, listening and giving those present your full attention.  Take notes.  Respond…See More
May 12
Dan Yurman posted a blog post

A Few Organizing Concepts for Project Management and Innovation in Developing New Nuclear Reactor Technologies

When it comes to nuclear reactor technologies, a developer doesn’t just pick one off the shelf and begin work, even if there are decades of basic R&D behind it. A commercial enterprise has to look forward, not backwards, towards developing something that will sell to customers.Andy Tasker, a principal in Stone Equity Capital, Cleveland, Ohio, initiated the idea for and collaborated in the writing of this blog post.To achieve a predictable outcome in the complex field of technology innovation, especially for advanced nuclear reactors, the firm must adopt some kind of project management process for new product development.While the end result is one of the world’s most challenging technical achievements, the process steps are not much different than developing a product with any complex technology.Even so, nuclear reactors are evolving from the…See More
May 12
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May 10
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"The 7 Steps to Delivering Successful Projects Training is currently being developed. Looking forward to launching it soon."
May 10


Blog Posts

5 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Team Members

In a previous post, 5 Tips to Build Confidence in Yourself As a Project Manager, we looked at how to build confidence in ourselves. In this post we change the focus and look at how to build confidence in others.…


Posted by Alison Meier on April 22, 2014 at 12:41pm

Finally Microsoft is catching up to the Future: Big Thanks to Satya Nadella

"We started out as a company that was focused on developers…we’re again in that era now," proclaimed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Take free Windows on small devices, for example. Ten years ago, the concept of giving away the crown jewel of Microsoft’s product portfolio would have been unthinkable, but the rules have changed: Android and iOS are in…


Posted by Sujeet Katiyar on May 19, 2014 at 3:43am

Can you get the right reaction with the occasional verbal spray?

I was reading an article in the Harvard Business Review regarding the appropriateness of yelling at employees. It was quite an interesting article in which Michael Schrage gives examples as …


Posted by Shoaib Ahmed on December 8, 2013 at 8:17pm

Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, and Processes-Oh, My!

One of the most discussed tables in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI), A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition is the “Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping” matrix, found in Table 3-1 on page 61. This table maps the 47 project management processes to their corresponding Knowledge Area, as well as to their corresponding Process Group.

At first glance, the table seems quite complicated, so let’s break…


Posted by Cornelius Fichtner on December 9, 2013 at 11:02am

Cost is a management output

The simple fact ignored by most accountants, general management and project managers is that cost is an output from the management process, and pretending cost is a manageable input is a recipe for disaster.

Profit is the difference between the price received for doing work and the cost of doing the work. If the work is accomplished satisfactorily for less then the price that will be paid for the work the surplus is profit.  From the perspective of a project manager, profit is…


Posted by Patrick Weaver on October 22, 2013 at 10:54pm

Predicting the Future

Only fools and the bankers who created the GFC think the future is absolutely predictable. The rest of know there is always a degree of uncertainty in any prediction about what may happen at some point in the future. The key question is either what degree of uncertainty, or in project management space what is the probability of achieving a predetermined time or cost commitment.

There are essentially three ways to deal with this uncertainty:

Option one is to hope the…


Posted by Patrick Weaver on October 13, 2013 at 5:51am

What the Americas Cup teaches us about management

It has taken a few days for the Kiwis to recover from Team NZ‘s slow strangling at the hands of Oracle Team USA in the Americas Cup. In the space of 8 days, they went from 8-1 up to losing 9-8 with skipper Dean…


Posted by Shoaib Ahmed on September 28, 2013 at 5:00am

Projects aren’t Projects

All projects are equal but some are more equal than others (or was that animals?[1])!”

In reality each project is uniquely different and therefore project management cannot be a one-size-fits-all process or discipline. The PMBOK® Guide makes this clear in Chapter 1.

There are at least 4 dimensions of a project:

  • Its inherent size usually measured in terms of…

Posted by Patrick Weaver on September 30, 2013 at 3:43am



Which are the trending project management apps in 2017?

What are trends of project management in 2017 in terms of tools?Continue

Started by atif shahab qureshi in Technology May 10.

The Crucial Governance Functions Your PMO Carries Out

The governance role of the PMO is wide-ranging but it’s all underpinned by the same objectives: making it easier for project managers to do their jobs effectively and at the same time ensuring the best value for the business. Here are the crucial…Continue

Tags: Governance, PMO

Started by Emily Foster in General Discussions May 4.

Make Life Easier By Managing Both The Project And The Process

If you want less fire-fighting and deeper relationships with teammates and customers, both the processes and the project must be managed over time

Tags: Process, Project

Started by Emily Foster in General Discussions May 2.


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